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Every school is different, so SwingOffice comes with two different plans to suit your needs..

Less than 100 students?

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Plan Standard

From 100 to 500 active students

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VAT included

Plan Premium

Unlimited students

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VAT included

All our prices include

(SwingOffice will be free as long as your school has less than 100 active students)
Comprehensive management of your school

From SwingOffice you can manage everything important in your school: courses, contacts, attendance, collections, billing, etc. and have it all in one place

Online registrations and payments

Students can register and pay directly from YOUR OWN WEBSITE and have everything centralized in SwingOffice: registrations, payments, courses, partners, ...

Cash management and collections

All payments and collections, both automated and those you make manually, will be reflected in one place and you will have all the information centralized.

mobile app

Each student and teacher will be able to have an app from which to see their payments and collections, courses, class videos, assistance, even personalize their profile and place ads.

Speed and Security

SwingOffice is installed in a reliable and secure environment in the cloud. We make daily backup copies of your data and the operation is really fast.

direct support

At any time, you can contact us to answer your questions, ask about functionalities, propose your own needs. We will always be close to help you.

Do you have questions?

Still not sure how much SwingOffice will cost you?
Do you want to know what “active students” means?

Here are answers to some of the most common pricing questions we’ve been asked by other schools

What is an "active student"?

SwingOffice counts as “Active Student” students who: attend class (appear in attendance), access the app, are registered in a class or have payments noted.

Each month SwingOffice calculates the number of active students in your school and charges you based on that number..

This number of active students will be visible at all times in the application, and we will notify you if you are close to exceeding the limit of your plan.

What does the free plan include?

All plans, including the free plan, include many of the features of SwingOffice, with the limitation of the number of active students your school has at any given time..

Another limitation is the number of emails that you can send to your students each day (whether they are active or not)..

They also do not include Artificial Intelligence functionalities, such as the automated import of invoices and tickets or the automatic creation and publication of posts on social networks..

Can I send emails to non-active students without changing plans?

Of course! But you can only send daily the equivalent in emails to the maximum number of active students in your plan.

That is to say: if your plan allows you a maximum of 500 students, you can send 500 free emails every day, whether they are active students or not.. But you can send a maximum of 500 emails each day.

What happens when I exceed the maximum number of students in the current plan?

If you exceed the maximum number of active students in your plan, SwingOffice will notify you and give you the option to change your plan.

If you don’t change your plan, SwingOffice will continue to function as normal, but you won’t be able to add new active students until you change your plan..

That is to say: you will not be able to charge new students, give them access to the app or record attendance. Nor will students be able to register through SwingOffice. Although you will be able to continue using SwingOffice normally with the rest of the students

Can I keep the information of non-active students without changing plans?

Of course! The limitation of active students does not affect the number of contacts or students you have stored in SwingOffice.

For example, you can import 5,000 alumni contacts from your school, but only have 80 active students.. In this case, you could continue using it for free for as long as you want, as long as you stay below the active student limit of your plan..

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