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SwingOffice - Comprehensive dance school management
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New Software for schools of Swing

SwingOffice is not just dance school management software, it is a tool that allows you to improve your processes and optimize your time.

If you have a swing school, chances are you are passionate about dancing and love to give it your all on the dance floor, but perhaps managing administrative tasks takes time away from dancing.

Our mission is to help you better manage your school. Designed specifically for dancers like us. SwingOffice allows us to focus on what we love most: dancing, while the school is managed without effort or extra time..

Say goodbye to scattered information and say hello to a centralized solution that puts all your essential school information at your fingertips!

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What can SwingOffice do for your school?

Obviously, we manage classes, students, payments, attendance, etc..
But mainly, SwingOffice solves the problems of your school. SwingOffice was created, above all, to solve the problems of OUR dance SCHOOL. Not so that it has the same features of all other dance school management programs.
SwingOffice is different. SwingOffice solves real problems from real schools. And it does it in a simple and effective way..
We show you some of the problems that SwingOffice will solve for you:

Balance of couples

SwingOffice tremendously facilitates the management of pairs in class.

Automate absences, recoveries, taxi management, etc. and regain control of the balance of couples in your classes.

Comprehensive accounting

With SwingOffice you will have all your school accounting in one place: Collections at school, online, transfers, direct debits, etc.. Everything is registered and centralized in SwingOffice and you will not have to go looking for the source of each payment.

improved communication

With SwingOffice you will be able to filter and select your students by anything and communicate with them by various means: email, SMS, mobile notifications, etc..

Filter by discipline, level, payment status, attendance, roles, etc. and send them your message.

Online registrations and payments

Your students will be able to register online and make payments for their classes from your school's website.

Automates the management of registrations and deregistrations. You will receive notifications of each registration and payment, and everything will be registered in SwingOffice.

View Payments

Both your school and your students will be able to view the payments made and pending payment.

From the App, your students will be able to see the payment history, as well as the pending payments. Which prevents payment delays and misunderstandings.

Control open groups and number of students in them

Many times we lack the overview of the status of registrations in our groups.

With SwingOffice you will be able to see at all times the number of students enrolled in each group, as well as the number of places available. Which are the most demanded groups and which ones need a boost?.

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Custom mobile app

mobile app for teachers and students

Students they can see their own courses, summary videos, notify absences or see the school news.
Teachers They can record real-time attendance, record and save summary videos, etc..


Students can see posters, news and updates, directly on their mobile

Videos of the classes

Students can view summary videos recorded by teachers. Organized by levels and classes.

Absence notification

Students can notify absences in advance from their mobile, which helps to improve the L/F balance of the class.

Screenshoot News SwingOffice App - Dance school management mobile app
Screenshot Attendance SwingOffice - Dance school management mobile app
recovery of classes

Students who reported absence can recover their classes and notify them from the app.

"Taxi" service

The App can offer "Taxis" (free seats to your students) in real time to automatically maintain the L/F balance.

Assistance record

Teachers can record student attendance in class in real time. Photos and names help us memorize them.

SwingOffice - Manage the attendance of your dance school
Screen Notify Absences SwingOffice - Manage absences from your dance school
All Inclusive

Everything you need to start saving time

We configure it for you and we leave everything ready for you

With SwingOffice you will not have to worry about the complicated configurations of some management programs. We take care of everything!

  • To import all your data of students, teachers, classes, payments, etc.. so you can start working from day one.
  • To prepare your website so that students can register and pay from the first day
  • To send you the links of the applications for your students and to activate their apps so that they can start using them from the first day.
  • To configure your email account so that you can send emails from SwingOffice.
  • To create your disciplines, your classrooms, your courses, your prices and discounts, etc.. So you don't have to worry about anything else.
  • And what you have to do, we will explain it to you step by step and in a very simple way.

As you can see, we take our mission very seriously.: Help you better manage your dance school and have more time to dance!

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You have left questions?

Still not sure how we can help you? Do you wonder why you need SwingOffice?

Do you have questions about some of the features or how SwingOffice works?

Here are some common questions we've been asked. We hope we can help you with the answers.

Remember that you can fill in the form from the page of contact.
If you prefer, you can call us by phone or write to us by WhatsApp.
Even chat with us from the web.

SwingOffice includes 3 well-differentiated modules to solve different problems, centralizing the information in one place:

  • Management program: It is the program that will be used from the school and that collects all the information and actions necessary for your school (notifications, notices, payments, emails, etc.)
  • mobile app: for your teachers and students, from where they can take roll, watch videos, report absences, even see their payments made and pending.
  • Online registration and payment module with all your courses. This module can be inserted into your own website if you prefer.
Coming soon: Online course module, automated invoice reading, connection to social networks and much more...
Since we receive a support request, we try our best to discover and answer the question as soon as possible.. Depending on the case, it may take more or less time, however a standard time could be minutes or hours. If the question is more complex, it may take longer.
Normally it is an automatic process, so as soon as you sign up, you can start using the program. However, before sending you the access data, we are carrying out a personal control to verify that everything is correct.. We will also contact you to welcome you and explain the first steps.
Of course Yes, you can contact us to make any suggestion or improvement that you think may be interesting for the program. If your suggestion is of general interest to all users, we will include it in the list of pending improvements. If it is something that only interests you, we can offer you a quote to do it to measure.
But remember that SwingOffice is a program that is constantly evolving and improving, so it is possible that your suggestion is already on the list of pending improvements..

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